Global Telecom Provider
Specializing in Managed Wholesale
VoIP / SIP Services

High-Volume Business Markets

  • Call Centers and Phone Banks
  • Political Campaigns and Polling Metrics
    • National Primary and Presidential Elections
    • Congressional and Parliamentary Races
    • Gubernatorial, State, Provincial & Regional Races
    • Local Community Leaders and Grassroots Efforts
  • Non-Profit and Charity Outreach
  • Fundraising Efforts
  • Opt-In Marketing and Advertising
  • Appointment Reminder Systems
  • Community and School District Announcements
  • Inclement Weather Closings & Cancellations

Proven Success with Impressive Results

Leading political, charitable and special interest group autodialers rely on VocalTransit to complete millions of campaign and polling calls. Performance summaries prove that VocalTransit provides the best voice clairity and completion rates, dwarfing competition.

VocalTransit successfully achieves both low-cost rates and outstanding quality using a unique blend of carefully selected carriers. Our voice platform includes capacity from dozens of top Tier-1 networks, regional ILECs, prime CLECs, specialty and foreign government-operated telcos; all actively monitored and groomed to mitigate congestion or forseeable trouble.

International PSTN Footprint

Direct routes ensure optimum audio quality and performance. Our combined voice footprint
spans numerous PSTN carriers within the United States and major Tier-1 direct routes throughout the world.

Direct Route:  

Single Hop:  

Multiple Hops:  

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VocalTransit Advantages

  • Worldwide Direct Routes
  • Worldwide Inbound DIDs
  • 60+ Upstream Carrier Routes
  • Superior Voice Quality
  • Aggressively Low Rates
  • Accurate CallerID w/ DTMF
  • Pure Uncompressed G.711 Audio
  • Emerging HD OPUS and G.722 Audio
  • Registered Internet Service Provider
  • Low-Latency Diverse IPv6 and IPv4 Network
  • Redundant Infrastructure
  • Passionately Engineered
  • Meticulously Maintained